Our Goal

Bereaved parents are our main priority. When a woman loses a baby during pregnancy, at the time of birth or shortly after it can be a very traumatic experience, not just for the mother but her partner and others close to them.

To provide 3 specialist bereavement suites with vital equipment at St Helier Hospital & Epsom General Hospital (Surrey). 

Allowing parents to spend time with their baby/babies in a tranquil, comfortable and private environment.

To continue to provide specialist bereavement essentials  and raise awareness in baby loss.


Each hospital should Ideally have at least one dedicated bereavement room/suite with all the necessary vital equipment needed. We have been crowdfunding for a new maternity bereavement room for the delivery ward of St Helier Hospital and in March 2018 we successful raise £25,000. A new room and essentials equipment were provide in August 2018. Click here for more info. We are now turning our focus to the Gynaecology ward at St Helier Hospital, for baby loss under 20 weeks, including miscarriage and ending a wanted pregnancy.  

The Bereavement Room & Equipment that was provided

The Poppy room is located on the labour ward and remained in the same place. This is to ensure that the mother receives continuous care and support during labour and after birth. The room was equipped with a bed, a bed chair, en-suite bathroom, small kitchenette area, soft furnishings and a new Cuddle cot. This is to enable parents to spend time in the room with their baby/babies and any visitors, if they would like to do so.

Bereavement Essentials

At this devastating time there are lots of questions and decisions to make, and it's important that each family have everything they need. We are aiming to supply bereaved families with a support, any equipment needed and create awareness. We would also like to provide a remembrance wall for families to have somewhere to visit and continue to have organised events supporting baby loss.