Your donation helps us to support parents through baby loss.

Crowdfunding is the key to our existence.

 You wonderful supporters are incredibly generous and your hard work will help us reach our goal quickly. Spread the word and help us to create awareness, achieve our goals and continue to bring comfort to bereaved parents at Epsom and St Helier Hospitals.

Please be aware we are not a charity. All money raised goes directly to Our Goals

Direct Donation

A one-off payment. All donations go straight to our cause. Look at Our Goals page to see why we need your help.  Use one of the buttons on this page to make your donation today.

Fundraising/Crowdfunding Ideas

We have got lots of ideas on how you could raise money for us. Wether it's individually, a group or company, please click on the link to download a full list of ideas. 

Donate Skills

Bearing Hope is solely run by bereaved parents & midwives. We work purely through volunteers and people working pro bono. It’s important to us that everyone who donates is assured the money they give goes to what we need.  If you have any skills that you think could benefit us please get in touch. We are always looking for Hope’s helpers!

Company Sponsor & Charity Number

Sadly we are not a charity, however the hospital we are raising money for have their own charity called The Epsom and St Helier NHS Trust Charitable Fund.

They are supporting us with our cause and have suggested if needed to we can use their charity number.. If you or your business would like to donate and need a charity number please click the link below - any donations made via their page please reference it to BEARING HOPE. 

Why not ask your employer to make Bearing Hope their chosen cause for the year? This is a great way to raise funds and have fun at work.

Be the first company to support our cause and create awareness. As a company you can hold some fantastic events throughout the year, including a staff parties, themed dress down day, bake sales, or even a sponsored group event. Check out our fundraising Ideas to inspire the team.

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