Thanks 4louis

November 28, 2016


4Louis is an amazing charity and we would like to say a massive THANK YOU for making such a difficult time easier.  Here is a little bit about 4louis and why they are so special... 


On the 6th December 2009 Kirsty who was expecting her first baby turned 38 weeks and it was then everything went tragically wrong. With what felt a heavy drop in her womb, and the pains starting she like anyone else thought labour had started. Kirsty had a hot bath and some paracetamol like the midwife would have told her to do. By morning the pains had not subsided, so after numerous failed attempts to contact the midwives she went to hospital. 


Sitting in the day unit on the maternity ward, the midwife put the heart monitor to Kirsty's bump to listen to the babies heart beat, but there was silence!! Kirsty was then taken to a side room where further scans, the worst was then confirmed, Kirsty's baby had died! Devastatingly after having a normal pregnancy and spending months preparing for a healthy baby, Louis Robert Joseph Knighton was born sleeping on 10th December 2009... a beautiful sleeping angel, . 

As a focus for Kirsty's grief, she had decided that she would like to help mothers and families with babies that are stillborn and raise funds to make the experience as painless as possible. 17 babies are stillborn everyday in the UK and very little is available to help these mothers rebuild their shattered lives. 


With the money that Kirsty was given at the funeral of her angel baby, Kirsty put her heart into making bereavement boxes to help families create memories of their sleeping babies. These boxes are distributed across the uk to over 200 hospitals free of charge! 


They provide memory boxes for stillbirth, neo-natal, infant and child loss. Each memory box contains;

  • A clay impression kit, to capture an impression of babies hands and feet.

  • Two teddies, one for baby and one for the family.

  • A glass angel in a presentation box

  • A candle, for a special occasion where the family may want to light it.

  • A card, so the family can write a poem or letter to baby.

  • A curl box, for a lock of babies hair,

  • An inkless wipe kit, to capture imprints of babies hands and feet.

  • A CD to keep babies photographs safe

  • A copy of 'Guess How Much I Love You book 

  • An SD Card

  • Forget me not seeds to plant

  • A balloon and postcard to heaven

  • An acknowledgement of life certificate 

Not only do they provide memory boxes they supply moses baskets and cold cots. This specialised piece of equipment is designed to keep baby cool to allow parents to spend up to 72 hours with baby. They are designed to fit in to a Moses basket to keep the environment homely at such a traumatic time. 








If you would like to know more about 4Louis or to donate to them please follow the link below -


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